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"Aslepay changed my life!"

"At Aslepay we only work with REAL Ancestral Masters from Ancient local tribes because we know the value of sharing this Sacred Remedy with the RIGHT people in the RIGHT SETTING."


Antonio Siano

Founder Aslepay Shamanic Center

“My mission is to share a life-changing experience into the Amazon in connection with Mother Nature through the wise guidance of ancient traditional shamans with the responsible use of Ayahuasca“

Francesco Pariset

Co-Founder Aslepay Shamanic Center

“My purpose is to create a bridge between occidental world and the ancestral indigenous wisdom, opening a door for all those who want to receive the healing energy of Ayahuasca.”

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Aslepay Shamanic Center has been operating since 2017 with a very high success customer-rate

At Aslepay, they took care of me like a gardener takes care of his garden: they nourished me and taught me how to nourish myself, with all the essential elements for my healthy growth and natural evolution.


- Belarus

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