"The journey began many years ago in which a direct call to the soul placed us in this direction."

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings with the sounds of nature that I enjoy with all my heart. I am no longer alone, and I feel the charm of existence in this place, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am happy my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of simple quiet existence and developing my talents.

Antonio Siano

Founder of aslepay shamanic center

Antonio Siano born in ’73 in southern Italy, Naples. Music has always been present from 4 years old upwards. He started with the guitar and then continued with the piano. He began his carrier as an entrepreneur to then continue with a successful career at multinationals where he also had the opportunity to be a sales agent trainer. He then decided to get on his own permanently.

The breakthrough comes with the advent of renewables. He became the founder and president of a big group of companies in various countries around the world, becoming a leading player in the renewable energy sector. But something happens with the death of the mother in which everything starts to change in perspective and the work and personal life have a drastic turn. He lost all the material things he possessed by arriving in a situation of poverty in a few months.

“It all began because I realized that I did not breathe well”: these words that marked the beginning of a path that still continues. He therefore began with the deepening of meditation but above all determined in the knowledge of his own self. One day he decides to try a shamanic experience going to the Amazon jungle. But that did not happen right away. In fact, he had the opportunity to know, through an international organization, the use of reputed sacred plants. ‘The first time I tried ayahuasca I was lucky that she opened the book of the universe to me and showed me the truth’. From that moment begins his shamanic path.

He met more than a thousand people around the world in retreats he led through the use of ancestral remedies and the music he played with different instruments. He used ancestral plants and remedies such as ayahuasca, Kambo, bufo alvarius and many others. Then came the journey in the amazonic jungle where thanks to the support of ancient shamans he was able to deepen the knowledge of these powerful tools but above all he gave a further turn to the path that brought him closer to his essence. Still continues with retreats of healing of the soul, of evolution and transformation of one’s own conscience, helping other people in this wonderful ‘journey’. It does this through retreats, conferences, speech and one- to-one coach sessions. His international collaborations with other shamans, psychologists and other important figures in the spiritual field, allow him to continue the experimentation aimed at improving his techniques more and more.

“You are my medicine of the soul, because through You I can always see a part of myself “.

Francesco Pariset


Francesco Pariset is an italian poliedric artist who met Ayahuasca in 2014 and it changed his life. He moved to Putumayo, colombian amazon, and started a deep process with ancestral plants.
He lived and share with various indigenous communities and practising the use of the Ayahuasca plant with numerous masters, then deciding to deepened the process with his current teacher Taita Gavino Garreta, an authentic Inga master and direct apprentice of Taita Querubin, the highest indigenous authority of Putumayo.
During his apprenticeship Francesco developed the gift of music and he learned to harmonise ayahuasca ceremonies. He is actually a medicine musician and apprentice of Taita Gavino, sharing the ancient science of the jungle and sharing tools of spiritual awakening through music and medicine.

Medicine music is high frequency music which arises from profound spiritual experiences. it is not just another music style, it is a real instrument of spiritual awakening that helps to elevate and transform the energy of the listener, and helps to. harmonize ceremonies.

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