Aslepay's Frequently Asked Questions

Shamanism and the use of medicinal plants is a complex topic with thousands of years of history.

Please take your time to read the answers we provide to as many common questions as possible because inside you will find useful links and more

However, we are always available to answer any questions you may have that are not answered here.


Ayahuasca (also called Yagé) is a drink and natural ancestral remedy cooked by our shamans (each shaman cooks his own) and that in the only traditional recipe involves the use of Ayahuasca Vine (liana Banisteriopsis caapi) and the addition of Chacruna leaves (Psychotria viridis plant). This process is in fact a real ceremony that you can experience in our retreats.

Ayahuasca has proven to be safe and effective in addressing common mental health challenges (anxiety, depression, addictive disorders, PTSD, amongst others), as well as improving well-being and performance in healthy individuals, benefiting from improvements in cognition, mood, behaviour, brain function, and social connectedness.

At Aslepay Shamanic Center we strongly believe that environment and guidance are of paramount importance for a totally safe experience. We have therefore decided to work exclusively with the Top Local Master Shamans with more than 30 years of experience belonging to tribes that have shared this medicinal plant for generations.

As you will read in our Retreat Program, we only work with the Top local Shaman Masters with over 30 years of experience. These are shamans also from tribes that have been using this ancestral remedy for generations. The objective of Aslepay is in fact to share the knowledge of the culture of the shamanic tribes with whom we have been collaborating for many years, as well as the medicine they use as a powerful tool for healing and self-introspection.

"The real journey is inward"

We request that you suspend (if possible) all medications/supplements at least two weeks prior to the retreat. However, there are exceptions that must be cleared by our medical coordinator. So if you are taking any medical treatments or supplements please contact our staff by clicking here or via chat.

We strongly recommend to avoid taking this powerful medicinal plant during gestation (especially in the first three months).

Yes, you can participate by notifying our staff.

Yes. Our retreat is structured to work seamlessly from the novice to the more experienced


Our program has been researched and tested over the years by hundreds of participants in order to have effective results. In addition, at Aslepay we only welcome participants for the duration of the  entire retreat.

Yes. Our booking system provides for a 25% deposit and the remaining amount a few days before the Retreat.

We accept payments through Paypal, credit card, bitcoin on our website. We accept only "cash on arrival" for the remaining amount (euro only). If  any different request please contact us so we can find another mutually agreeable payment method.

Asplepay offers All-inclusive Retreats. Our prices are based per person in shared Cabañas (bungalows) for a minimum of three people (max four). For full details click BOOK NOW for the retreat you are interested in. Scroll to the section in the main "Retreat Info" section

No it is not included.

All the excursions are included and are carried out with local licensed professional guides. They also include the cost of insurance for each participant. They are usually a minimum of 3 excursions but within our center there is the possibility of many walks within the pristine nature. You can get more info by looking inside the individual retreat under the Retreat Program

The retreat's price is based per person in shared bungalows by a minimum of three people (max 4). If you prefer privacy it will be possible with a different price. For info please contact our staff.

All reservations canceled before your arrival date will receive a credit toward future stays.

In this case you have the option to choose another retreat of the same duration, or pay the difference for a longer retreat, within one year.

Please note that we do not refund or reimburse payments made towards the retreats in any case. Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions


Your international flight will arrive at Bogota airport. From there you will have the possibility to take a domestic flight. Our staff will be waiting for you at the airport of Villagarzon with a domestic flight from Bogota.

From Bogotá there are two possibilities: with the bus that leaves from the airport of Bogotá and arrives in the center of Mocoa with a travel time of about 9 hours.

The other possibility (the most common) is with a domestic flight (satena airline here the link) from Bogotá to Villa Garzon (duration about an hour and a half). In the case of the first choice please inform our staff as soon as possible. In the second case, a transportation service of the group from Villagarzon to Aslepay Shamanic Center is already foreseen (about one hour of travel).

Our staff will be happy to help you through a local agency to book your round-trip flight.

There are many hotels of various categories near the airport. Normally our participants prefer to meet at the Hilton Garden Inn Bogota Airport hotel (for any information here is the link).

There are neighborhoods to avoid in the city that of course all hoteliers and taxi drivers will be able to point out to you. Bogota is a safe and very beautiful city to visit. The people are very sociable and friendly. It's always a good idea to avoid having objects of great value and a lot of cash, and to follow local customs and traditions (as in any other city in the world).

Guerrilla warfare has always been present in many countries of South America and in colombia it is in the southern part and anyway far from the civilized part (especially far from mocoa).

Mocoa has a very nice downtown and is safe. It can be visited at any time also because of the presence of many international tourists. For any further information our staff will be able to help you during the pick up.

You will receive an email (or even within the group chat) fifteen days before the start of the retreat with all the suggested packing list.


No visa is required. However for more information you can check here at this link.

As stated on the government site (here is a link to a site where you can review the new regulations), they follow the entry rules regarding COVID-19:

Passengers and airline crew must have:

- a COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing that they were fully vaccinated at least 14 days before departure; or

- a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued at most 72 hours before departure; or

- a negative COVID-19 antigen test result issued at most 48 hours before departure.

As you can read in previous answers visa i required. ONLY A "Check Mig" form must be submitted at most 72 hours before departure at .

Colombian pesos are accepted in Colombia (a few also accept dollars). So it is advisable to have some more cash especially if you want to buy local handicrafts or souvenirs. You'll be able to exchange them at a good rate as soon as you arrive at the Bogotá airport inside, right after baggage claim.

For Colombia there are three associated plug types, types A and B. Plug type A is the plug which has two flat parallel pins and plug type B is the plug which has two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin. Colombia operates on a 110V supply voltage and 60Hz.


When you click on the retreat you are interested in, you will find "Retreat Program" as the first Tab. However you will receive an email (and even within the group chat) fifteen days before the start of the retreat with program retreat.

The ayahuasca experience is one that can give you many insights through a language that can be visual, bodily, mental, or simultaneously all at once. Sometimes integrating in the logical mind some information received can be helpful to share with other people who have already experienced and solved that "puzzle". Developed and deepened by Antonio Siano, Comprehension Therapy aims in fact, using techniques, exercises and dynamics, to give the participant the ability to connect the logical part with the emotional and soul part, creating an alchemy that leads to deep understanding (which in other cases we call "intuition"). According to most of our participants, these sessions are the most important parts of the retreat. All our facilitators have the professionalism and experience to guide the group in this practice.

"If you're looking for a guru or teacher, look within yourself!" - Antonio Siano

At Aslepay Shamanic Center, Our program is designed based on years of personal inner research and interaction with thousands of participants from many different cultures. Every single moment of the day is designed to empower the participant to work towards building the tools for a happy, healthy, abundant life.

Of course, active participation is a personal choice. Our mission: "we want you to discover the tremendous inner power you have to drive your life."

You will receive an email (or even within the group chat) fifteen days before the start of the retreat with all diet suggestions.

Yes, at Aslepay Shamanic Center we offer many complementary services that you will be exposed to when you arrive. Laundry services are very efficient and are often returned on the same day. Our staff at the front desk is always available

Yes, wi-fi is available in the reception area as well as in the cabañas (bungalows) and other areas. Obviously you have to keep in mind that our center is located inside the jungle, so it could happen sometimes dysfunctions at the regional level. However, we highly recommend to use your phone as little as possible so that you can focus on the inner work you came for.

Yes. the center has a limited coverage by Claro. However, we highly recommend to use your phone as little as possible so that you can focus on the inner work you came for.